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Preparing for your Nutrition Visit

To make a nutrition session a success, there are some steps that you can take beforehand. It is always best to take nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian who has adequate training in nutrition and, more specifically knowledge in POTS and Dysautonomia Symptoms.

Bringing the following prior to your initial appointment can help immensely:

  1. Complete lab work (Including CBC, CMP, B12, Vitamin D and Ferritin)
  2. A food/symptom diary. This should include intake over a week along with symptoms that may occur. List all food and drinks consumed and be as specific as you can. Include time and portion size in the log.
  3. A list of supplements that you are currently taking. This should also include the amounts of each supplement and the brand.
  4. A list of allergies/intolerance along with test results if allergy/intolerance testing has been completed.
  5. A list of your questions for the dietitian.
  6. List of nutrition recommendations you have received from other practitioners.
  7. List of prior diet/nutrition approaches that have been met with or without success.
  8. List of medications or other prescriptions.
  9. An open mind.
  10. Prior to your appointment, think about what your personal feelings or goals are for your eating and nutritional habits.