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Many Covid-19 survivors experience long term symptoms, even months after infection. Some may even struggle with severe and disabling symptoms. And, Covid-19 may eventually affect the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Because the ANS regulates the functions of the body, it may lead to autonomic dysfunction or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) — a cascade of symptoms due to an overactive  Sympathetic Nervous System as a result of a viral infection. 

In essence, sympathetic overdrive is initiated to defend against the virus and keeps the body in a fight-or-flight response.  Consequently, there is dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System, creating autonomic imbalance.  Therefore, it is very important to engage in a program that can actually train the brain to make connections with the body and shift out of this sympathetic overdrive. By turning off the sympathetic overdrive, it may prevent the symptoms it has caused.  This self-regulation is a non-invasive approach that becomes second nature to the individual and can eventually establish autonomic balance again.

The following are symptoms of Post-Covid-19 Syndrome:

-Chest pain                               -Headache                              -Brain fog
-Shortness of breath               -Muscle pain                          -Memory loss
-Tachycardia                            -Joint pain                              -Hair loss     
-Vertigo                                     -Sleep Disorders                   -Sweating 
-Anxiety                                    -Gastrointestinal issues       -Fatigue 
Note: terminology               Post-Covid-19 Syndrome
                                                Post-Acute Covid-19  
                                                Long Haulers (lay public)