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How is this program going to be different from all the others I have tried?

This program is different in that we address all of your symptoms, not just one or two. We are able to address all of your symptoms because we correct and regulate the root of the problem, the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The participant trains with the equipment in every session to regulate their ANS. Once your ANS is regulated, you will start to see improvements in all of your symptoms.

Am I going to have to educate the doctor there about my own condition?

No, at your first appointment, we take time to educate you about the autonomic nervous system and how/why you are experiencing symptoms. It can be extremely frustrating to have to educate your doctor about this condition. With the POTS Treatment Center you can be comforted in knowing we help individuals just like yourself every single day. Our entire staff has experience with thousands of individuals suffering with POTS. Check out some of our success stories on our YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTyD_yzSdgAm1JtYDZuXuCA

What would each session include?

Each session includes training where you have sensors* placed on various parts of your body. The sensors can measure, record, and display your autonomic functions on the computer screen. You will meet with Dr. Kyprianou, other doctors, therapists and our nutritionist who implement custom protocols and constantly monitor your progress. During these sessions, we also cover nutrition, stress management, sleep optimization, exercise protocol training, and orthostatic intolerance training. *all the procedures are non-invasive and cannot create any pain or side effects; everything is designed to promote comfort and well-being.

Do you follow the same protocol for everyone?

No, because not all of us have the exact same symptoms and lifestyles! We tailor the program to the individual. Dr. Kyprianou and the rest of the staff get to know each individual extremely well and teach techniques to provide a unique protocol for each individual’s various needs, symptoms, and lifestyles.

What results are participants seeing/when do participants start seeing results?

The majority of people see vast improvements with their symptoms. Since we understand that everyone is different, that also means we see results at different stages within our program. Improvements in symptoms can be seen as early as Phase 1 (the first two weeks of the program), and others start improving during Phase 2, the maintenance phase, which includes daily training with portable equipment to experience maximum improvements. The good news is home training is easy!

Check out our Success Rate Statistics page that showcases improvements:

Success Rate Statistics | POTS Treatment Center

How do I make an appointment/learn more?

To learn more and schedule a free consultation visit, please fill out our form linked here: Consultation Request Form | POTS Treatment Center and a member of our staff will connect with you promptly.

To speak with our office staff, call 1-888-574-0823.

For scheduling, there is a $1000 deposit to reserve your spot that will be applied to the cost of the program. The deposit is 100% refundable if you cancel 45 days or more before your first appointment. Otherwise, your appointment will be rescheduled.

I am a parent and want to enroll my child, how involved should I be?

Yes, you can be part of your child’s program. We encourage parents to participate in the child’s first initial consultation/evaluation and first training session. We will teach you together about all the equipment and the process of the program. Thereafter, we suggest your child through training alone. Retraining your nervous system is like learning to ride a bike, you can’t have someone else learn for you! As your child progresses throughout the program, we will communicate their progress with you. You will also be a vital part in letting us know of any changes you observe throughout the day.

How is this Biofeedback component within this program different than traditional Biofeedback?

How is this program different from trying traditional Biofeedback? This program is unique in that it is tailored for those with POTS and other Autonomic Dysfunction. Based on Dr. Kyprianou’s experience over many years, she was able to create a program for this specific population. The focus is on your personal symptoms, and we address all of your symptoms, not just a few. With the equipment we provide, we get to the root cause of the syndrome through regulating the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Once your ANS is regulated, you will begin to see improvements. Also, It is important to note biofeedback is just one of the many components that make up the POTS Treatment Program.

What results are people seeing with this program?

The majority see vast improvements and report significant results with their symptoms. It is important that individuals continue with Phase 2, the home program plan, which includes daily training with portable equipment. If you are not dedicated and disciplined with the training, you will not see improvements. The good news is, home training is easy.

When do people usually start seeing improvements in their symptoms?

All are different. Some start to see improvements in their symptoms during the 2-week accelerated program, and some start to see improvements during Phase 2, after coming home and training with the Home Program equipment in their normal environment.

Do I need a referral/diagnosis from a physician?

No, neither a referral nor diagnosis is required for our program

Do you make changes to any prescribed medications?

Will your program allow me to wean off my medications eventually? While the ultimate goal of our program is for you to stop needing medication to function in a healthy manner, we ask that you continue your physician’s orders and proceed with all medications. It is important that you work with the physician who prescribed your medications in order to slowly wean you off after you begin to see improvements following our program.