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Do You Have Food Sensitivities?

food sensitivities could make you sickAre you constantly plagued by symptoms such as: bloating, migraines, coughing, runny nose, feeling under the weather, stomach aches, irritable bowel, skin issues, or fatigue?

It is very possible that these symptoms are related to food sensitivities.  We can develop these sensitivities at any stage in our lives and they can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

The challenge is identifying which actual foods are causing your problems as sensitivities are challenging to diagnose.  At present, there are a number of tests available on the market, however, the reliability of these tests is often questioned.

Here are some things that you can do if you suspect food sensitivities:

  1. Try an elimination diet.  Ideally you will have the support of a Registered Dietitian who is familiar with POTS and Dysautonomia to assist you through this process.
  2. Keep a food diary. Track what you eat along with symptoms that you experience.  It would also be a good idea to track other factors such as: stress levels, weather, and menstrual cycle at the same time.
  3. If your symptoms are primarily gastro-intestinal, consider an elimination diet. Again, a registered dietitian can help you with a customized nutritional plan that addresses you specific POTS symptoms.
  4. Salicylates and histamine can also be irritating to some. They occur naturally in some foods and medications. Some additives and preservatives could also be the offending culprits.
  5. Get some help. Ask a Registered Dietitian for some assistance in coaching you through this process.  Dietitians are skilled in assisting you to find triggers or patterns in your diet that could be causing your symptoms.

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