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What are the Different Types of POTS?

POTSAs if a POTS diagnosis wasn’t difficult enough, there are different types of POTS that respond to different types of treatment. Here, we’ll talk about neuropathic POTS, hyperadrenergic POTS, and secondary POTS. All of these are POTS, meaning they all end in the same symptoms, but the way you get there is different in each case, and that is what determines how POTS is treated.

Neuropathic POTS is caused by the nerve supply to the vessels in the lower limbs. In this type of POTS, the sympathetic nerve system fails to squeeze those vessels and send blood where it needs to go when you are standing, which results in blood pooling in the lower limbs. That causes dizziness and an increase in heart rate upon standing.

However, with hyperadrenergic POTS, you get increased heart rate and blood pressure when standing, which is what makes this type a little different. In hyperadrenergic POTS, patient have high levels of nor-epinephrine in their blood. Nor-epinephrine is the natural stimulant that is released during a fight-or-flight response, and causes the increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Secondary POTS occurs when some other disease or mechanism, such as diabetes, lupus, chemotherapy or alcoholism, damages the nerves that control the redistribution of blood in the lower limbs. In this way it functions much the same as neuropathic POTS, but the cause is the result of another disease or process that caused nerve damage.

The POTS and Dysautonomia Treatment Center offers patients collaborative, alternative care aimed at treating the whole person, not just the disorder. Our team consists of a psychophysiologist, an internal medicine doctor, clinical health psychologist, and a registered dietitian who work with you to provide compassionate care through a full range of services.

Our treatment options include onsite intensives in Dallas, as well as online options you can complete anywhere. Are you ready to take control of your symptoms? Read more about our treatment options.