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What is an Active Standing Test?

POTSAn active standing test may be one of the first diagnostic tests your health professional does after an EKG to determine if you have POTS. This test can also be done with a tilt table, where the patient is strapped to a table that tilts them up to a near standing position.

First, doctors will measure the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure lying down. Then the patient will stand. The same measurements will be taken after 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes, or every 2 minutes for 10 total minutes.

If you are trying to figure this out yourself before seeing a doctor, you can do this test at home. Either write everything down on paper, or use this POTS app. The app guides you through the stand test so you are doing it the same way each time, and POTS appit provides graphs of your results. Your doctor will be able to see your different results if you have done the test more than once. You can also print or email your results to anyone directly from the app.

Keep in mind that the work you are doing is not the last word. After seeing the results you produced, the doctor’s office may want to administer their own active standing or tilt-table test. Let them. It doesn’t undermine the evidence you’ve brought them, they just want to confirm your results and see if for themselves.

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