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Superbowl MVPs Wife Writes about her Struggle with POTS

struggle with POTSYou may have been one of the people in tears as Eagles quarterback Nick Foles talked about his wife and her health struggles. It was one of many emotional moments in Superbowl LII. The couple was married as Tori was undergoing tests at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, on a journey many of you may find familiar.

“We never had a wedding ceremony,” says Nick. “We never had a honeymoon. Just the journey we’ve gone on and gone through this and just to see her strength and to see her determination and to see her health continue to improve. And she still deals with it. It’s amazing. It gives me strength because I know she deals with it every single day.”

Like many POTS patients, Tori’s diagnosis of POTS eventually led to another diagnosis: “I suddenly became ill and had no idea why. I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS),” Tori wrote. “Eventually, this would lead to an underlying diagnosis of Lyme Disease.”

POTS as the result of Lyme disease can be temporary or permanent, depending on how much damage is done to the nervous system by the infection. “Symptoms may be present in some patients with post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome and even with Lyme disease itself,” according to one 2014 study, “So it may be that POTS is a factor in the confusion surrounding the existence of so-called Chronic Lyme disease. In fact, patients with POTS might not bring their symptoms to their physician, not realizing their significance, and some physicians fail to recognize the condition.”

The POTS and Dysautonomia Treatment Center offers patients collaborative, alternative care aimed at treating the whole person, not just the disorder. Our team consists of a psychophysiologist, an internal medicine doctor, clinical health psychologist, and a registered dietitian who work with you to provide compassionate care through a full range of services.

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