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Sara’s Story – POTS Treatment Center Review & Testimonial

Initial Treatment Review – Sara was an avid runner before POTS. After completing the program, she reports great improvements! (Transcript below.)

Follow Up Review – See what else Sara has to say! Here is her video from her follow up appointment. Read the transcript here.

2 Years Later – Sara is doing so well, she was even able to run a 5k for the first time in 10 years! Read the transcript here.


(First Video Only)

My name is Sara, I’m 21 and I’m from the Chicagoland area. I’ve had POTS for eight years now and coming to this POTS Treatment Center kind of seemed a little unbelievable at first because I’ve heard about it online and on Facebook. Hearing that so many people have improved just through breathing and biofeedback and diet and all that seemed a little crazy at first. But this program is completely different because I started off feeling really yucky all the time. I had horrible fatigue, I couldn’t do very much, I was very tired all the time. Even though I went to college, I was very limited in the amount of things I was able to do. I was even in disability services. I’ve had so much brain fog that I could barely carry out an intelligent conversation and I had a lot of joint pain and muscle pain, a lot of weakness and sensitivities especially to light and sound and touch. Now that I’ve been able to train my body with this program, I don’t have a lot of the symptoms anymore. I don’t even have any sort of headaches anymore. I don’t have as much brain fog. I don’t have as much weakness. I don’t have a lot of sensitivities anymore. It’s completely full circle – I’m getting to be normal again. And it’s crazy.

POTS Symptoms Summary

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Weakness
  • Sensitivity to Light, Sound, & Touch
  • Headaches

How is this program different from other treatments you have tried?

This program is definitely different from everything I’ve tried before. I’ve even tried different biofeedback programs in the past at home and they are not really good as compared to this program because I felt worse being in those programs than I did not being in those programs. Here, it’s different. I felt better just even on the first day. I was able to control my breathing better. I was able to slow down my heart rate and really concentrate on my symptoms. And I’ve never experienced that before in any other program. And I like how this program really focuses on the physiological aspects of POTS and not just the psychological parts and how it’s affecting my life and all of that. I like how I can control my symptoms by looking at a computer screen, being hooked up, and it’s literally showing me that what I’m doing, it’s working. This program really doesn’t just cover up the symptoms with medications or other things like that. It really focuses on treating POTS and making patients feel better by themselves, making themselves feel better. I literally have tried just about everything. I’ve tried medicines, I’ve tried different biofeedback programs, I’ve tried just everything imaginable. This program, on the first session I felt better already. I felt that I was able to breathe better because I used to hyperventilate all the time, and I felt that I was able to slow my heart rate down so I wouldn’t feel all the tachycardia and that was amazing – on the first session, being here, and then I kept making more and more and more progress and now I feel at least 50% better, if not more. Now that I’m going to be doing the home part of the program, I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll be totally better!

How is Dr. Kyprianou different from other providers you have worked with?

Dr. K and the whole staff are very knowledgeable about POTS, every aspect of POTS, how it really affects every part of a patient’s life – not only the physical aspect, the psychological aspect – every single thing imaginable, they are really knowledgeable, more than I’ve ever seen in the past from any other doctor. They really don’t force anything on you. Dr. K really goes over everything with you and really explains things, which I’ve never been explained to in that respect, like what POTS really does to your body and how the autonomic nervous system works and how you can change it – I’ve never been able to hear that from any other doctor. And she has the knowledge of how to make patients feel better by the patients doing the work, not just the doctors doing all the work and giving you all this information, all these medicines. She tells you how to help you, which is completely insane to think that you can help yourself, but it does work. And if I were to talk to any other POTS patient out there, I would definitely say if you have tried everything imaginable, if you’ve tried medicines and you’re just stuck and you’re tired and you want to feel better and you’re ready for something different, then why not try the program? Why not spend the two weeks and make that change so you can feel better? Dr. K will really help you to help yourself kick POTS right in the butt!

(Learn more about Sara’s progress through her follow up video and this video she recorded 2 years after her treatment.)