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Sara – Follow Up Treatment – POTS Treatment Center Review & Testimonial

Sara made great progress during her treatment. Hear what she has to say about how our POTS Treatment Program during her follow-up visit:


Hi I’m Sara. I’m 21 years old. I was here at the POTS Treatment Center 6 weeks ago and I’m back now after 6 weeks and I’m here for just 1 week follow up. I did feel POTS Treatment Center Review - Sara's Follow-up Quote50% better in the 2 weeks from before and now after completing this follow up week I am about 75% better. I am totally getting there. We are able to focus more on things now with this 1 week follow up than we were with the previous time I was here. We really focused in on the problems I still need to work on, which is not very many. I don’t have any more headaches at all. I don’t have as much fatigue as I used to. I’m able to shop now, which I never thought was going to be possible. I am able to do so much more throughout the day. Even though I have a more structured day, I’m able to do a lot more during the day that I never was able to before. I’m focused on me all the time at home which is helping because from the time that I was here before to now I am able to exercise more and I am able to shop. At this follow up program now, this 1 week that I’m here, I have greatly improved my heart rate. We have been focusing on sitting and standing while we’re taking my heart rate and it has improved so much that from sitting to standing my heart rate barely goes up by 15 beats a minute, which is insane! So that means that I’m not really “POTS-y” anymore. It’s incredible. I’m able to do that just with all of the things that I’ve learned at the program. Just everything put together. It’s obviously shown that I’m 75% better and it’s awesome. I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing and continue the home program and my relaxation, my exercising, even increasing my amount of exercising and focusing on training my body while I’m sitting and standing especially because I’ve shown such great improvement so far I want to accelerate that progress even more. I definitely expect to see more results and hopefully I will be able to be 100% better by the end of the year. I can see that happening with all the work and all the tools I’ve learned here.