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1. You are functioning in fight or flight  

All your functions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), made up of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Normally, you should be functioning in the parasympathetic unless you are presented with a threatening situation in which you shift to the sympathetic (fight or flight).

Overall, POTS sufferers are in sympathetic overdrive (fight or flight), experiencing adrenaline rush. In a way, your brain does not know how to shift to the parasympathetic (the relaxation response) and get out of this vicious cycle.

With the POTS Treatment Program™ you will be able to see your automatic functions on a computer monitor and train the brain to self-regulate, turning off the fight or flight response. By doing so, you are getting to the root of the problem, subsequently preventing unnecessary release of adrenaline and other symptoms.

2. Doctors tell you it is just anxiety 

Some doctors will tell you this is “all in your head” which can be extremely frustrating. Some will even refer you to a psychiatrist. This is not a mental disorder. POTS is a medical condition that causes anxiety and other symptoms.

The POTS Treatment Program™ will train you to control the ANS to achieve balance and equilibrium, resulting in a reduction in anxiety and other symptoms.

3. Most doctors do not have enough awareness 

POTS is a relatively new syndrome that most doctors are not thoroughly educated on, making the entire ordeal even more frustrating. Some doctors will diagnose, but not treat POTS.

Dr. Kyprianou, the founder of The POTS Treatment Program™, has dedicated her career to treating patients with Autonomic Nervous System Disorders from all over the world. She deepened her experience with POTS patients as the Director of Psychophsyiology at the Heartbeat Clinic with Dr. Amer Suleman in 2010.

Dr. Kyprianou was the recipient of a Fellowship Award during her Doctoral Studies at Wayne State University and was involved in extensive research under the prestigious Nobel Prize Nominee, Dr. Lida Mattman, in Immunopathology and Pathogenic Bacteriology. She is always continuing to learn and grow, attending workshops and seminars frequently. Having been a lecturer and Distinguished Professor Award recipient in Anatomy and Physiology, she has also enjoyed being a speaker at numerous seminars and organizational meetings on Autonomic Nervous System Disorders.

At The POTS Treatment Center, we strive to treat the “whole” person. Our mission is to provide compassionate care through a full range of quality services; promoting longer, healthier, and more enriched lives.  Patients are treated by the staff in a collaborative effort.

4. Prescription Medications

Prescription medications may help with symptoms with some patients, however with others, symptoms may be magnified and some may even develop new symptoms/side effects from medications.

The POTS Treatment Program™ trains you to manage and even prevent your symptoms naturally. Using special techniques to train the brain with biomedical equipment, you will be able to see your bodily functions on the screen and learn to manage/prevent them naturally, leading to more in depth and long lasting results and less symptoms. You have more control than you think. More importantly, this scientifically based approach is non-invasive with no side effects.

5. Upsetting stories and experiences

It is important to know that all patients are different. Being told that you will have to live with this condition the rest of your life can be upsetting and discouraging.

The brain can be trained to self-regulate and balance the ANS by using biomedical equipment and special techniques.

6. Frustration and Feeling Out-of-Control with Symptoms

If you feel frustrated because you are not in control of your symptoms, this program will help you. As you are being trained to make changes with your ANS functions you can actually see those changes on the computer monitor.

Being able to see your improvements day to day can be very empowering, understanding you are not out of control, but actually in control of your symptoms.

7. Bullied and Traumatized by Teachers, Peers and ER Personnel

Being bullied by teachers and peers can be depressing. Going to the ER on a regular basis can be traumatizing by the way you are treated. You will be able to find comfort and a nurturing approach in the way that we guide you through your journey to managing your symptoms.The POTS Treatment Program™ will train you to prevent episodes and frequent visits to the ER.

The effect that POTS has on your life is analogous to being a sail boat in the middle of a windy ocean and not knowing how to sail, going which ever way the wind takes you.

This program will help you to develop tools and techniques to navigate and manage the winds of POTS; sailing safely and experiencing a happy and enjoyable journey through life.

The POTS Treatment Program

Patients that do not live in Dallas, Texas complete the accelerated program at The POTS Treatment Center™. Treatment is Monday-Friday for 8 days and sessions last 2-3 hours per day. Find more info by clicking here:  Treatment Options.