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Kelly – POTS Treatment Center Review & Testimonial


My name is Kelly Hagan, I’m 25 years old, and I’m from Bowling Green, Kentucky. When I came to the POTS Treatment Center, I had a lot of symptoms. One of my main symptoms was fatigue. Since I’ve done Dr. Kyprianou’s 2 week program, all of my symptoms have improved, especially my fatigue. I’m able to get up in the morning without feeling really, really bad and I’m able to continue throughout the day without developing fatigue in the afternoon as well. The other symptoms that have improved are my brain fog, dizziness, lightheadedness, my tachycardia, the anxious feeling that I get when my tachycardia gets really bad. The flushing of my skin has improved, my digestive problems have improved – that was probably the quickest change that I saw was my digestive system. My headaches have improved. I don’t get shooting pains. So far, I have not had any shooting pains. I would said that I have improved up to 80% since I’ve been in this program and I will continue to improve at home.


Symptoms Include:

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • lightheadedness
  • tachycardia
  • skin flushing
  • digestive problems
  • headaches
  • shooting pains


What were your concerns before coming to the POTS Treatment Center?

My concerns about coming to the treatment center were I was concerned that this program would only work for adolescents and that it wasn’t a program that would fit in my life as a working person, and those thoughts were quickly changed once I came here. There were people here, actually two other girls who were also in their twenties that were here that developed POTS when they were 20 years old because I developed POTS at age 25 so that’s why I was a little concerned. But, I can tell you from personal experience that that can be the farthest thing from the truth, and that this program really does work for people in our age group as well.

What was your experience working with Dr. Kyprianou?

I think that Dr. Kyprianou is different than other doctors because she actually listens to what you say. I’ve had experiences with doctors in the past who I told my symptoms to and they were like ‘that’s not related to POTS’ and ‘that’s not related to POTS’. She never dismissed my complaints, she never questioned my credibility. The only thing that she did was try to directly address all of my symptoms. Not just my tachycardia, not just my fatigue, but all of the symptoms that I was having as a POTS patient.

What would you like to tell others out there watching this now?

I would tell anyone looking into this treatment center to try it. I feel like it has changed my life and I know that it could change yours too. I know that this is a condition that we all live with that is debilitating and frustrating, and just the encouragement that I’ve received while I’m here, I feel more prepared to battle this condition alone from the support that I’ve received from the staff and I just feel that anyone could- would benefit from this 2 week program.