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Erin – POTS Treatment Center Review

Erin had been told she couldn’t have children because of medication used to treat her POTS Symptoms. Her fatigue was debilitating, but she saw dramatic improvements in just 2 weeks.


Hi, my name is Erin. I’m 27 years old and I came to the POTS 2-week Treatment Center and I’m on my last day today.

Before I came in, I was just experiencing extreme fatigue. I felt kind of hopeless with a lot of things. I’d been able to function and still hold a job, but that was really all I was doing. I would get up in the morning, drag myself out of bed, and do exactly what I had to do and nothing more, and I felt horrible all the time. I also started experiencing a lot of passing out. I felt dizzy and had a migraine for the last year at least, so that was just kind of my normal. I had a lot of numbness in my fingers and my toes. A lot of times I just couldn’t feel my legs, which just kind of mentally bothered me.

I had gone through a lot of doctors. I know that I’ve had POTS for at least a year, but I think in all likelihood I’ve had it more for like a decade, a more milder version of it. So, I had seen lots of doctors and cardiologists and been through the whole gambit at least a couple times. About four years ago, I went through a whole mass of doctors who basically said there was nothing wrong with me. At the same time, I was working, I was in positions where I was really stressed. I started to believe,”Maybe it is in my head. Maybe I’m just being overwhelmed and it’s kind of situational and I’m just passing out because I’m tired or something like that.”

But, fortunately, in the last year or so, I got a true diagnosis, and I started looking online, wondering what could I do to make this better. I found Dr. K and her staff, which are all wonderful. I was excited at the prospect of actually getting better, but I also wasn’t exactly sure how that would play out simply because once I had gotten the diagnosis, so many doctors were a little bit negative. There were saying that I was never going to have children because I would always have to be on a certain kind of medicine that’s not good for you to have children with. My doctor told me that I probably wouldn’t have enough blood circulation to try to have children. I also had read a lot of things by people meaning well, that just said, “It’ll go away after a while,” but as I mentioned earlier, I know I’ve had it for a full year and I have a suspicion that I’ve had it for many, many years.

So, needless to say I came in from California, and since being here, I am so glad that I came. I’m just amazed at how good I feel. For the first time, I want to say maybe five days into the treatment, I woke up from my alarm clock, which for me is really astounding. I had always been a morning person until last year when I just literally could not get out of bed and some days I did get out of bed eventually but all I could do was just sit on the couch or lay on the couch. I have so much more energy having worked with Dr. K and her staff. My fatigue probably went from a 10, which is the worst, to a 0. I haven’t, in the last week or so, experienced any fatigue at all.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that I actually came in for a consultation before I decided to do the 2-week program. At that time, I was feeling way better than I had for the past year’s time because I had been put on some medicine that helped with the passing out component and just getting a little bit more energy. I definitely had the suspicion that – well I knew that I didn’t have the energy to do the things that I’d been doing, but my doctor said, “Well you’re on this medicine now,” and I knew it had made an improvement. When I came to the consultation, I was really jolted, for lack of a better word, because I was able to see clearly with the equipment that Dr. K uses. When I came in, I could see that my heartrate was extremely erratic, and I also could see that there was an extreme constriction of blood flow. In my mind, I had kind of thought, “Well maybe since I’m feeling a little bit better on this medicine, maybe I’m getting better.” But, I was able to see that this medicine was really only masking some of the more prevalent things I was experiencing, and it wasn’t changing anything in my body, which really for me, I thought ‘I want to get better.’

So, I came here and I’m really happy to say, being here for two weeks – I’ve seen on the back-end of it, it really has changed. I mean, it’s changing the core issues of what’s going on. The other thing I wanted to mention was I came here having migraines every day, and it’s something I didn’t even mention to people as a symptom because I’d become so accustomed to having a migraine for like a year – it was just…that’s what I had. And this week I know for sure I’ve woken up every morning and not had a migraine and it hasn’t gone back to migraines so if that’s something you’re struggling with or are aware you have, then I know this program is going to get rid of that for you.

I think all my symptoms have gone down 90-100%. I see that I still have a ways to go with the home program and things that they suggest so that I do heal completely, but I just have to say if you’re thinking about coming here, I can’t even begin to recommend it because it really has changed my life. I feel like I have hope. I feel like I can have children. I feel like I can take care of myself. And those were all things that I was starting to doubt or feel depressed about before coming here. If you’re thinking about it, and I also have to say if you’re thinking about the cost (because I know it is a lot for younger people), it doesn’t even begin to compare to feeling better and to getting your life back.