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Pots Treatment Center Reviews

Below are The Pots Treatment Center reviews that were recorded on the last day of the two week accelerated program for out-of-town patients. The patients continued to train with the home program after leaving the POTS Treatment Center™.  Most patients continue to see improvements in this phase of the program. Scroll down to find parent reviews. 

Featured Pots Treatment Center Reviews


This 25 year old POTS patient suffered from fatigue, fainting, brain fog, tachycardia, dizziness, GI issues, and headaches. After treatment, her POTS symptoms improved substantially. Read Transcript Here


A young mother who struggled with having POTS and raising her son. Read Transcript Here


A 43 year old patient who suffered with POTS for 6 years. Her main symptoms included migraines, dizziness, fatigue, and pain.


A 31 year old patient who was wheelchair-bound for several months due to POTS.


A 16 year old patient from Australia. Her main symptoms were fatigue and nausea.


A 15 year old patient who had severe dizziness, tachycardia, migraines, and anxiety.

**After a year, patient reports dizziness is completely gone**


Alexandra suffered from fainting and paralysis. She left walking on her own! Read the Transcript Here



A 27 year old patient. Her main symptoms were migraines and fatigue.


A 53 year old patient who had POTS for 7 years and also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She experienced severe tachycardia, dizzines, numbness/burning, and GI problems.


A 24 year old patient who commonly experienced fainting, GI issues, and non-epileptic seizures. **She has been seizure and faint free for 1 year now**


A 30 year old patient who used to live with fatigue, dizziness, GI issues, and light sensitivity.


This patient was fainting daily before completing the 2 week treatment.


A 18 year old who missed 85 days of school due to nausea, vomiting, fatigue, tachycardia, and dizziness.


College student completes two-week program


Meet Haley, a 15 year old girl with POTS who suffered from brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, and migraines.


A 42 year old POTS patient who is a Type I Diabetic who had digestive issues, dizziness, nausea, back pain and chest pain.


22 year old patient talks about her journey with POTS. Her symptoms include passing out and seizures. She came to the clinic in a wheelchair and walked out pushing it!


16 year old patient from Illinois talks about her experience at the POTS Treatment Center


A 15 year old girl with POTS who suffered from brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, and migraines


Patient from Mexico talks about her experience with the 2 week treatment.


16 year old Heidi talks about her success with the program and the decrease in her symptoms.


Nurse and mother from Massachussets talks about her experience.


Cassie was almost fired from her job twice due to her POTS and NCS. Watch as the patient describes her experience at the center.


Sarah was an avid runner before POTS. After completing the program, she reports great improvements!


This patient was having difficulty with the high demands of a doctoral program with her POTS symptoms, but now she is able to meet commitments and manage her time better.


16-year old from New Mexico who is an extremely bright and high achieving young lady who has always excelled in sports and school. However, her POTS symptoms have impacted her daily life.


Justine completed the follow up visit at the center. Watch as she talks about her improvements and how she is feeling now.


She suffered from nausea, migraines, tachycardia, fatigue, anxiety, abdominal pain, tension headaches, digestive issues, brain fog, and vision problems.


A 15 year old patient. Her symptoms included extreme fatigue, brain fog, blood pooling, tachycardia, anxiety, and non-epileptic seizures.

**Patient reports being symptom-free for almost 2-years**


This is Tessa’s follow-up visit after one month. She is practically symptom free and reports feeling 90% better!! She has not had one seizure since treatment!!


Pamela is a senior in highschool suffering from POTS. After completing the program, she will be able to go to college in the Fall.


Sara has had POTS for 8 years. She is a college student, but limited by her POTS symptoms. She left headache free. Read the Transcript Here


Sara is back for the 1 week follow up. Listen as she describes how treatment has helped since she returned home.Read the Transcript Here


Listen to Sara discuss her journey after being gone from the center for 2 years!Read the Transcript Here


This college student spent over a year using a wheelchair and suffering greatly from tremor/seizures, fatigue, GI pain and significant brain fog.


Danica is 15 years old and reports being headache free. She has more energy and feels great after completing the program.


Patient suffers from extreme fatigue, nausea, insomnia and severe migraines. On her last day, she reports minimal or no symptoms.


Hope is a 17-year old bright young lady with Chiari Malformation. She was also suffering from severe headaches.


Listen to Julie’s emotional review as she discusses all that she has been through with POTS.


Meet Jenna, who has severe gastroparesis.


This patient was pregnant while going through the program and had great results.


Chanelle is a 23 year old woman who suffers from POTS, Fribromyalgia, and Narcolepsy.


This patient was referred by his electrophysiologist, who stopped his medication after a successful outcome.


This patient had great success with her POTS symptoms and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Meet Maria- she is 16 years old and she suffers from fatigue, cold extremities, chest pain, headaches, bloating, nausea, and brain fog. Listen as she discusses her great results!


This patient went from having debilitating migraines to being headache free!

Parent Reviews


Jodi Rhum Part 1


Jodi Rhum Part 2





Mom of 15 year old discusses her experience of her daughter’s treatment